it's time to focus completely
on your Self

You deserve to experience who you truly are!

Reclaim Your True Self

It's your time!

What if you could be the person who deep down you know yourself to be?

beautiful soul

You feel me?

I literally hear people just like you say this to me every single day,
 ...and I know exactly what they mean because I used to say it to myself!


You know you are meant for more!
You know that this isn't all there is for you in this life!
You know that there is a powerful as f*ck version of yourself longing to come out!


It's Time!

You know you are meant for more!

You know there is more to your life!

You know you are powerful as f*ck!

Its Your Time!

To take back your power!

To heal and release everything from your past that no longer serves your highest good.

To live authentically without the fear of judgement or rejection!

I can feel it and I know you can too!

( I know you are because you are here! )

Are you ready to feel, heal, and liberate yourself... for REAL!?

This is no Joke!

Now I am more connected to my truth than I ever imagined,
and I want this for you!


Something had to change because I knew I just could not do life that way anymore. I knew DEEP DOWN that I deserved so much more. I knew that there was so much more for me in this life. I was no longer able to accept the very little I was accepting from myself and from other people. I was no longer wiling to endure the day-to-day fatigue and dread that came from being completely miserable and out of alignment, but my negative self talk was relentless! The way that I spoke to myself in my mind had me seeing and believing in a version of myself that was unlovable, not good enough, too much of this, not enough of that. The image that I had of myself was so distorted it seemed impossible to be the person that I wanted to be. I was holding shame and guilt from childhood trauma, I judged the way I looked, the way I spoke, and basically everything about myself. I had internalized an immense amount of negativity about myself and somehow had fallen into the trap of believing it all to be true. I had to reclaim my entire identity and reconnect with my truth! I made a promise to myself that I was going on the journey of healing no matter what it entailed with the knowing that the version of myself waiting for me on the other side was worth it! 

For my entire life I was trapped inside my own mind; sad, lonely, and hiding my true self

My Healing Journey


Your True Self

Because as we move through this journey together you will become:

And I promise you will too!

I have absolutely fallen in love with my healing journey

You deserve this! We all deserve this!

You deserve this!

Our Energy is our power! When we are blocked, when we are playing small, when we are afraid, hurt or holding on to our past, and difficult emotions, we are reducing and cutting off access to the Energy within us diminishing our Power!

embody your personal power within

Healing physical pain and other health issues allows you to live more freely and increases your quality and enjoyment of life. Our physical body is a great communicator and when we learn how to listen we know how to meet our needs.

Heal your physical body

The information that comes through your intuition and your soul is connected to the collective consciousness, to the Universe, and to your Truth. This wisdom is far beyond what the mind or any external source has to offer you.

Connecting to your souls Wisdom

Have you ever heard of Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy? Well just wait until we have this powerful experience together as we take a 2.5 hour deep dive into the subconscious mind through the body. It is remarkable!

Complete Emotional cleansing and release

With several powerful techniques we will access your subconscious mind clearing out any thoughts or beliefs operating against you and then you will learn how your mind works and how you can make it work for you!

Healing & Reprogramming Your mind

Each one of these hours is intentionally created to take us on a journey through the Mind, Body and Spirit to the Center of the Self. This Journey is powerful and these pieces came together with purpose, with love and with The Universe.

20+ Hours of 1:1 Healing

With a line up of tools and techniques that you just won't find anywhere else.


A one-of-a-kind magical combination of healing, therapy, and coaching!

$3033 Pay in Full
$800 Over 4 months

Reclaim Your
True Self

She has helped me work through trauma using different methods such as hypnotherapy which have helped me to release negativity from past relationships. I am excited to continue working with her and have become the best and most confident version of myself.


Chanelle's approach to healing and growth are exactly what I was looking for when I decided to try therapy again. 


 Chanelle is very intuitive and her approach to therapy is complimented by an array of specializations in reiki, hypnosis, and more which has been so appreciated. Her support reaches you on a mental, emotional, and energetic level. So happy we are working together!

In the few sessions I've had with Chanelle, she has been able to help
me understand the root cause of issues towards my own healing and growth.


Talk therapy with Chanelle is solid (she has a way of hearing what you're really saying even if you've only made a passing comment) but it's the Reiki and Hypnotherapy for me. I've experienced both separately but Chanelle's combination of the two led to profound clarity, released emotional blocks, and acceptance. Weeks after my Reiki-infused Hypnotherapy session, I still feel more calm and in control of my future than I have in months. Not only is Chanelle attentive during sessions, but she makes me feel like she genuinely cares about my wellbeing by reaching out to check on me between sessions.
Call her, work with her, live your life. x

Finding Chanelle and Self-Centered was a blessing. I needed someone who
 could listen like a best friend yet give advice and guidance like a therapist.

Expect the unexpected...

 The Mind: Week 1-5 

The Body: Week 6-8

The Soul: Week 9-12

Integration: Week 13-16

  • Session 1: What do yoU want?
  • Session 2: Deep Dive into where you are now
  • Session 3: Reiki Healing & Energy Reading
  • Session 4: reprogramming your Subconscious
  • Session 9: higher self hypnosis and guidance
  • Session 10: connecting to higher self & Intuition
  • Session 11: Intuitive practice and guidance
  • Session 15: Alignment Coaching
  • Session 16: Final Check in for whatever is needed

  • Session 6: 2.5 hrs of Heart-Centered HypnothErapy!
  • Session 7: Breath and Powerful Conversation
  • Session 8: moving energy and emotion out of the body


(but here is an outline)

*This is an outline however sessions subject to change depending on individual needs and intuitive guidance.

Expect the unexpected...

Valued at $1,500

Customized hypnosis and tapping recordings

You will receive recordings of the subconscious experiences we have in our sessions so you can continue to reprogram your mind on your own time. You will also receive customized a tapping sequence to be included in your daily practice.

Bonus #2

Valued at $1,000

I will send you meditations, activations and more, and we will connect 15 minutes per day to share something that is coming up for you, ask questions, or tell me something amazing you experienced. This is also a good place to note things you want to discuss in our next session.

Access to messenger support 

Bonus #1

In Addition to our weekly calls you will also receive:


This is the answer to your prayers, the solution to your concerns, the hope to your healing.

This is the experience you have been looking for!

I Guarantee you are going to fall in love with your Self.

You are going to fall in love with yourself!

$200 -350$

Easy Access

  • Additional Inner Child Reiki Session
  • Free Alignment Coaching Session 
  • Additional Q&A Session guided by you



Best Value

BEST Savings


4 monthly payments

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Start Your Healing Today

its time to get real

Per session pricing

* Total: 3600

  • You released all the negativity and limitations?!
  • You healed the trauma from your past and learned to love all parts of you?!
  • Your mind offered you support and compassion, instead of criticism and self-doubt?!
  • You could tap into your intuition and your Higher Self easily?!
  • You believed in your Self so deeply that nothing could stand in your way?!
  • You were connected to your energy and could tap into your personal power within?!
  • You trusted in yourself and the Universe to co-create with you a life that you truly desire?

What would your life look like if...

Can we be real for a minute?

It's time to reclaim your power

Because things don't come to us, they come through us!

and its your time to feel on the inside exactly the way you want to experience your life on the outside


In all honesty though, this is no regular therapy experience. As a Healer I like to get sh*t done! Through my own healing journey I have embraced the parts of me that I once judged and rejected, and it is with the integration of who I am truly that allows me to support you where you are at and walk with you to exactly where you want to be within yourself! Everyday I get to experience more of my true Self, and because I am on this journey myself, I feel excited and honoured to support you on yours. I just know how amazing you are going to feel! I know how much your world is going to improve, I know how light and free you are going to be! And the best part, is that this healing is more than just coping, it is sustainable because we start on the inside and clear out anything that is not part of who you truly are. Then all we are left with is the real you! And you're going to love who you truly are inside!

My name is Chanelle Lobo
and I am proof that sustainable healing happens!

Hello My Love!

You've never experienced
anything like this before!

20+ hours of deep healing and transformation on a soul level
A powerful new relationship with your true Self
Connection to your Divinity and Intuition
Release of emotional, subconscious and energetic blockages
Clarity on your truth and your purpose
A new empowering perspective on co-creating your life!

To summarize this magic, you will experience:

Let me say that again!

And get ready to meet your real boss a**, powerful, beautiful, Divine authentic Self

say goodbye to playing small, worrying about what other people think of you, and living from the past!

Your life will never be the same again! 

How will your life change when you invest in your healing?

Because after we heal together you are going to be so 

Full of yourSelf!


will never be the same again!

will never be the same again!