I predict that you are a passionate and powerful human being who wishes to live an authentic life full of love and fulfillment… Same!

everything you need is already within you




At Self Centered we are completely 
in the best way possible.

We are going to heal from your past so that you can reclaim your personal power, and live your life in alignment with the truth of who you are!


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....but I didn't always feel healed or liberated. In fact, looking back, I would say that I was probably depressed for a long time and didn't even know it. Like many others in this healing space I was called to this practice through my own healing journey. Professionally, I worked as a Social Worker for over 10 years supporting individuals, their children, and their families in the areas of Mental Health, child protection, crisis support, homelessness, and addictions. Systemic barriers continuously got in the way of my ability to truly support people in the way they deserved so I eventually made the difficult, but aligned decision to leave my career and begin a practice that has created space for the real sustainable change, healing, and transformation that people truly deserve.

Applying the healing modalities that have helped me on my own journey, I have created this space for you to release your past, reclaim your power, and reconnect to your true Self in the way that you deeply desire. It is my deepest knowing that everything you need to live a life of love, joy, and fulfillment is waiting for you to uncover it within.

I am Chanelle Lobo Therapist, Healer and Liberator

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At Self Centered we are completely
          absorbed in the best way possible.

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It's time to heal and transform your mind body and your soul so you can live an authentic life in alignment with the truth of who you are!

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It is my mission to have you fall in love with your healing journey

That truth is a powerful healer and the only solid foundation to build upon, and when we are honest with ourselves, speak our truth and live in integrity, we live in the alignment of our greatest and highest good.

That things don't come to us, they come through us, so in order to experience the life that we want to experience we have to connect to that experience inside of ourselves.

That we all deserve to feel, heal and liberate ourselves for REAL! To feel our feelings with love, compassion and power, to heal our past, and to liberate ourselves from anything that is keeping us small so that we can experience the FULLNESS of who we truly are!

I Believe

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