Your soul is trying to get your attention all the time in so many ways. Coincidences, insights, movies that touch our hearts, other people who mirror back to us something that we desire, even through the discomfort, pain and patterns that are repeating in our lives. Our souls are seeking to express themselves through us and all of these experiences are examples of your soul desiring to come through you.  Can you think of a moment where you felt that your soul was speaking to you? What did it say? What does it sound like? Listen for the voice of your soul today.

Through my own experience, and after working with hundreds of people, I can say with confidence that your soul is in fact speaking to you often. That voice that you here coming from inside of you, nudging you to make a decision that may not make sense to someone else, that is different from what someone else may do, or different from what you have been doing; that voice nudging you to speak your truth and listen to what is in your heart. That voice that perhaps you connect with when you are on your own, but silence because of the expectations of others.

Listen and Learn

Your soul is speaking to You

Through these empowering techniques that I will teach you to do anywhere on your own, we will clear stagnant, heavy energy from your body, and create space to invite light, clean, loving energy in.

Emotional Freedom Technique and Breathwork


Meditative inquiry through hypnosis, breathwork and listening inward that supports the connection with our intuition, our highest self, and our Souls wisdom.

Heart Listening


Experience a powerful clearing and re-alignment of your energy centers and receive information from your energy as we connect to the loving energy of Reiki; opening your intuition and your connection to the Divine within you.

Reiki Healing


Connect to Your Truth

“Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.”

-Walt Witman

Some call it your Higher Self, your Intuition, your Future Self, the Divinity within you, the part of you that is eternal. Your Soul is all of these things, but ultimately your Soul is the truth of who you are. Your Soul is the experience that you have of yourself when you are in a state of alignment and connectedness with your innermost Self. When you just know something without explanation. Your Soul is your true essence. When you feel the most like you; that is the experience of your Soul.

Did you say soul?

I've had an incredible experience, every session I leave feeling  more whole. I have started to understand my own mind and how to shift my perspectives. Sometimes it's tough to start the healing process but with Chanelle I'm on my way to a more whole self. I definitely recommend booking sessions!

- B. M

Soulful doesn't even even begin to describe the work that Chanelle does. From our regular sessions to reiki and hypnotherapy, her work has changed my life and my healing process. I'm beyond grateful that she is in my life.

- C. H

Chanelle's approach to healing and growth are exactly what I was looking for when I decided to try therapy again. She has helped me work through trauma using  hypnotherapy which has helped me to release negativity from past relationships. I have become the best and most confident version of myself.

- C.W

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