As you connect deeply to the center of yourself, you will build a relationship with your body that aligns with the experience of your true Self.
Your body doesn't just hold trauma, hurt, and unprocessed emotions; your body holds the wisdom to your healing, to guidance to your truth, and the connection to your physical experience as a human being living on this Earth. Your physical body is what allows you to be present here, to live, to love, and to interact person-to-person. Disconnection from Your body means disconnection from all that is, so let's get reconnected shall we!

Let's access your body's wisdom together.

Release and Embody

"In order to feel better we have to be better feelers"

-Samantha Skelly

The Body holds all of our tension and trauma

Creates a very personal experience of healing

Holistic Healing is sustainable healing

The energy of suppressed emotions, unprocessed trauma and stress physically manifests in the body as tension, dis-ease, pain, exhaustion, sickness and so much more.

In my opinion this is so obvious that it is underrated, but your physical body is literally how we live and experience the physical world around us. 

We move beyond general labels like 'anxiety' and 'stress' and understand your personal experience of these sensations moving through your body to release them on a level that is meaningful to you.

When you free your body and create safety and connection within yourself, you free all aspects of yourself; mind, body and soul to allowing them to work in harmony again.

Why do we work with the body?

Without the body we do not exist

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The body physically holds all of our tension, trauma and stress,  although you may think it's in your mind, they are actually responding to one another. When you free your body, you can truly free your mind and your Spirit!

Sustainable healing

Your body is where your 7 major Chakras or energy centers are located. When your body is carrying trauma or "negative" energy, you have limited access to your energy and the wisdom that each center carries. Healing the body creates access to your personal power within!

Access your personal power

You can finally have the experience of yourself; physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally, as who you are meant to be from the inside out.
This is embodiment!


When you heal and clear out the body, you will create safety from within allowing you to experience the world in the present moment from a connected, grounded-ness, no longer living through the past.


Why Do We Work With The Body?

Breath is life! And through the intentional interaction with breath we intentionally interact with the Life Force within us. Using this force we connect with the body and various parts of ourselves while clearing stuck and stagnant energy from our bodies.


The body is the key to freedom and Somatic (body related) practices help us unlock our bodies so that we can physically, emotionally and energetically open ourselves up to the experience of life that we are meant to have.

Somatic Embodiment



This 2-hour powerful and unique experience combines the subconscious mind and the body's wisdom to heal past trauma from the body and the mind at the root of the source. Its like years of therapy in one session!

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy


Your Body's Wisdom


Client Love

It’s so incredibly rare to find a therapist who aligns perfectly with your holistic needs. I had been searching so many years for a therapist of colour who I resonate with. When I read Chanelle’s professional profile and it stated reiki, guiding women get back to self along with other treatments, I knew she was the right fit to guide me along my healing journey. She is such a gift. Chanelle’s approach is a perfect blend of science and spirituality which is quintessential to deep healing. I’ve had the honour to experience reiki energy healing with Chanelle and she’s fantastic. It was long distance healing and just as effective as in person. Chanelle is remarkably good at what she does. She has a treasure of resources to supplement her therapy sessions as well. I always feel supported, seen and empowered.

Sessions with Chanelle have been very helpful and life changing. I look forward to every session we have and leave feeling great! She has a beautiful soul and honestly, the best therapist I've experienced. With therapy, reiki and hypnotherapy, Chanelle has been comforting, understanding and insightful.
I highly recommend Chanelle.


Client Love

Working with Chanelle has been a fantastic experience, as I'm discovering more about myself through her process of healing. If you're not looking for a cookie cutter experience, then Self Centered is the right place for you. Chanelle, takes time to create an individual plan to support long-term growth from within. I appreciate and respect her work, calling and continuous wisdom. It's a real privilege to work her. Thank you.